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has never been easier

At Apostol-Soare we believe in an old school approach with new age ideas. Combining safe investments with state-of-the-art platform
Our systems give you access to trade stock, futures, commodities and liquid assets with just the tap of a button.


in diversity

We believe that a diversified portfolio is a safe portfolio.
Create your own ETFs within our platform or pick one of our packages and trade safely and wisely.

real estate

at your fingertips

We offer our clients the fastest and safest way to invest in real estate.
Thru Harmoney, our clients can interact with the real estate market from the comfort of their smartphone.


trading & sourcing

Our mission is to help companies and individuals to understand, predict and act on trend.
With our commodities trading software, our clients use real-time live data for pricing and trading physical commodities worldwide

when we sleep

we dream digital

Apostol-Soare forges the systems you need to thrive and take your business to higher levels.
From simple websites to complex applications, we can provide software solutions for any type of business. E-commerce implementation, proprietary CRM solutions, financial platforms and beyond.


grupo apostol-soare

Grupo Apostol-Soare is a financial strategy think tank, specializing in financial and commodities trading instruments developed on existing markets.

Our goal is the development of tailor-made financial instruments designed on the existing needs of the market whether in the commodities market, financial district or digital assets

Our team is comprised of financial experts, traders, economists, top-end developers and computer engineers, marketing specialists, HR specialists and graphic designers.

We aim to combine business expertise with the latest technology in order to bring to life the most daring projects.

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