The Coin

Crypto's Coffee is a Solana Block-Chain based coin created to serve the coffee industry.

Crypto's Coffee will be a global coffee eco-system that has all the components to facilitate a full life cycle of purchasing and selling coffee anywhere in the world with cryptocurrency

Taking Coffee Digital

Crypto's Coffee is the first full-circle case-of-use crypto token backed by a traded commodity, the 2nd largest traded commodity in the world.

The token is present in every transaction starting from the coffee farm, to the producer, to the supplier, reaching the vendor and ending with the end-consumer cup.

Market Share

A 15% market share represents 33 million cups of coffee every single day.

A 465 billion USD revenue every single year. By a simple mathematical deduction we are looking at just shy of 70 billion USD yearly transaction with just a 15% market share.

Going digital!

Let us source, prepare and launch your product.

With help from our partner, SUPERSTITIOU S13 we can design, create and launch your business strategy complete with your own tailored-cut e-commerce platform.

We all love a bargain

Crypto's Coffee is the brainchild between a farmer and an engineer.

The project is based on the existing structure of digital selling platforms designed and launched by Grupo Apostol-Soare, Latin American based coffee producer. This ensures the best profit margin for our re-seller.

In house production

Crypto's Coffee has the manufacturing infrastructure already set to comply with the customers needs.

From mixing coffee varieties to roasting up to any degree. Crypto's Coffee can package and distribute world-wide thru Apostol-Soare SA and to ensure the complete functionality of its platforms thru the SUPERSTITIOU S13 mainframe.

The result.

A wide array of resellers, both physical and digital worldwide.

Anybody can join, coffee shop, store or roastery. The platform is free of charge and user friendly. Participants to the project receive a set number of coins as a welcome gift.